Saving Money on Gasoline Costs

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saving money gasoline costs1) Check your Tire Pressure - This is the easiest way to save money quickly. Under-inflated tires can cut fuel economy by up to 2 percent per pound of pressure below the recommended level. Most tires are under-inflated which also affects handling and responsiveness.

2) Plan Trips Ahead - A good way to save money is to drive less. If you make a list of everywhere you need to go and arrange your route in a circle to save miles you can save time as well as money. Also try to avoid quick trips to the store whenever possible and try to stock up on items that you need whenever possible to avoid these unnecessary trips.

save money gasoline costs car3) Slow Down - Most of the wasted energy is cause by frequent stopping and starting. When you can accelerate and brake gently and try to anticipate driving conditions to avoid frequently changing speeds. A few simple changes can add up to 15 percent fuel efficiency.

4) Put your Car on a Diet - Some people carry hundreds of pounds of unnecessary items in their trunk and passenger compartments without ever thinking about it. The more weight the harder the engine has to work and the fewer miles per gallon you will get. Try to limit it to only the items you need every day. Golf club and other items that are used on the weekend can really drain your cars efficiency.

save money gas costs5) Use an Efficient Vehicle - Many cars produced now are much more efficient that their counterparts several years ago. Also two-car families can save money by using the vehicle that gets the best fuel efficiency as much as possible. especially on long trips.


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